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A short 5 miles from Washington D.C., Old Town Alexandria is a beautifully preserved 1700s Colonial America town transformed into a vibrant destination. 

With cobblestone alleys and gaslight homes, Old Town Alexandria is a photographer’s dream. It was a wealthy international port city during the Colonial America era, a cross-road for spies, soldiers, and slaves seeking freedom during the Civil War, as well as the site of a controversial surrender during the War of 1812. Occupied during two wars, and thus spared destruction, it is amazingly preserved to this day. 

All private, scheduled, seasonal and French tours are led by an Old Town photographer. Whether you're using a Smartphone or a DSLR/CSC, there is a tour for you! Join a 1 or 2 hour walking tour to see the town, hear highlights of Alexandria's history, learn photography tips, and shoot some of your best photos.


"Kerinia is as passionate about sharing her deep historical knowledge of Alexandria as she is about guiding visitors--and locals--is they capture the sights of  Alexandria through camera lenses.  Our hour with Kerinia went so quickly and left us both with a greater appreciation for the town I live in and the basic techniques for composing photos that I will never want to delete.  It's a great way to find the hidden gems in Alexandria while acquiring photographic skills." ~K.F. 

"I used my Sony mirrorless camera on the night photography tour, which I've had for three months and haven't been able to do more than point and shoot, until now.  Kerinia had some good mnemonics for remembering the best camera settings for shooting at night. The follow up email was really helpful and I think it will help me remember what I learned."  ~ A.M. 

"My 12 year-old is into photography and this was a great way to get her to use more than the point and shoot features on her expensive Christmas present.   I will definitely take "out of towners" on this tour.  It's a great way to get exposed to interesting factoids about George Washington.” ~  M.D.

"Great tips on using my iPhone to get better photos and the best apps to use.  Not only am I getting better photos now, I also learned some really interesting facts about Alexandria's history! I highly recommend this tour" ~J.L.

"An excellent photography tour of downtown Alexandria, peppered with neat historical facts about the city and the landmarks. Even a newbie like myself - armed only with an iPhone 6 camera - was able to improve my eye for photos." ~ M.K.

"Kerinia really did a great job showing me how to use the camera on my Galaxy S6, I had no idea my camera had the ability to take great photos in low light conditions. My gallery has improved since the tour. The tour is truly a unique and authentic experience she really took her time showing me photography and sharing interesting Old Town history.” ~ N.H.

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Want to know what you'll be photographing on the tours?  Click through the portfolio to see samples taken by Kerinia.  More photos by Kerinia, travel photography tips and blog can be found at kcusickphotography.com.



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