About Us

Tours by a Local

Kerinia Cusick lives in Old Town Alexandria and is constantly exploring the town with her trusted 4-legged walking partner, MacBae, a Westie.  In Old Town since 2002, she steeped in the town's history, knows every back alley, restaurant and shop.  

Experienced Photographer & Instructor

Kerinia fell in love with photography in her early teens and has owned nearly a dozen cameras and taken courses domestically and internationally.  Kerinia’s instruction will cut to the chase, avoiding theory and focusing on hands-on instruction.

Kerinia has nearly a decade of experience teaching, specializing in taking complicated concepts and breaking them into bite-sized, easy to remember, information chunks.  She’s used this approach to teach engineering standards, sales skills, and photography.  

A firm believer in “the best camera is the one you have with you” philosophy, Kerinia encourages people to bring their smart phones and will suggest a few apps that will improve your enjoyment.