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Do you like what you see?  Kerinia's photos are for sale and she is available for hire as a photographer.  

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Prints & Pricing

I recommend either acrylic mounted or metal prints.  All photos will receive a final retouching prior to printing and the copyright watermark will be removed.  Prices for prints are listed below.  Please contact me once you have selected your favorite image and size to make payment and shipping arrangements. Allow 2 weeks for the order to be fulfilled. 

11 x 14 (or 11 x 11 for square photos) = $99 

16 x 20 (or 16 x 16 for square photos) = $199

20 x 30 (or 20 x 20 for square photos) = $249


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Professional and Team Photo Shoots

Does your website need a refresh?  I'll listen carefully to ensure I understand your marketing goals and am capturing your brand and look correctly.  Whether it is team or product photos, I can help you!

A technology company based in DC wanted photos that were hyper-local, fun, diverse, and reflected DC's unique culture (warts and all).  No stuffy boardroom head-shots in this photo shoot!  Working only natural light, I shot the entire team in many configurations in five adjacent locations in 90 minutes>  This kept the energy level high, the mood light, and the poses natural - all of which shows in the photos and reflects the company's culture. 

Contact me to discuss your photo shoot needs and pricing structure. 


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Old Town Alexandria  

Old Town is my town. I walk the city's streets at all hours of the day and night, frequently with a camera in hand.  Here's a collection of my favorite photos.  Some are famous locations, such as Christ Church. Others are equally beautiful, but may be hidden or private locations in town. If you love this town as much as I do, you may find you need one of these images in your home.


Night Photography

Like a parent, I cannot admit to having a favorite.  But, if I were, I would confess that night photography is my true love. With long exposures I can transform the world seen by the human eye into something otherworldly. Plus, I love the quiet, zen-like nights when I can leave the world behind, slow my heart rate, become really present, and then capture the moment with a camera. 



Black & White Photography

I fell in love with black and white a long time ago, when I used to develop my own images in a darkroom.  The technology has changed, but the love affair endured. There's nothing better than capturing a moment that "should be" bright color and turning it into an arresting moment in black and white. The mind expects a wheat field to be bright green, or a Scottish loch to be brilliant blue.  Strip out the colors and you're left with something that may be even more beautiful, but also makes you think for a minute. 






Landscape Photography

I've been lucky enough to travel to amazing locations around the world, often with a camera in my hand.  Here are some of my favorite locations, caught during that perfect fleeting moment, when the shaft of light or passing cloud made the image sing.