Astro a10 vs Hyperx Cloud Stinger

Astro a10 vs Hyperx Cloud Stinger

Astro a10 vs Hyperx Cloud Stinger- Comparing two Gaming Headset Beasts!

Nowadays everyone is interested in digital gaming rather than outdoor games. And being a massive action and combat gamer, you must have heard the names of Astro a10 and Hyperx Cloud Stinger. As you’ll see in this Astro a10 vs Hyperx Cloud Stinger review, these are the top and the most demanding gaming headsets in the world. 

To fully enjoy a video game, a boosted sound coupled with good graphics is necessary. You can have good pictures, but without an evenly matched sound, the graphics may seem worthless. 

Well, this problem can be solved only by getting a suitable gaming headset for you. We have made it easier for you to make the right choice about your gaming headset.

Down there, we are up with a detailed comparison between Astro a10 and Hyperx Cloud Stinger to help you choose your real gaming partner. Also, a great buying guide is given at the end. Just get ahead, select the one- Rock the world! 

Astro a10 vs Hyperx Cloud Stinger

To help you select the best headset among both, we are going to provide you with detailed information about each of them. Please read the article till the end as it will contain all the information about Astro a10 and Hyperx Cloud Stinger. 

Firstly, the specifications of each brand are discussed separately, along with the pros and cons. And after that, there would be a short side by side comparison between these two headsets. After going through this article, you will be able to choose a brand that offers the best value for you and which you think will enhance your gaming experience. 

Why Choose the Astro a10 Gaming Headset?

Choose the Astro a10 if:

  • You are looking for an entry-level gaming headset.
  • You want a premium looking headset.
  • You want a headset that is made from a reliable and robust material.
  • You are looking for a comfortable and reliable headset.
  • You are comfortable with steel.
  • You want unmatchable and excellent sound quality. 

Astro a10 Gaming Headset

Astro a10 vs Hyperx Cloud Stinger

Let’s first discuss the Astro a10 model.


The Astro A10 is a stylish looking headset with superior sound quality and comfortable to be worn quickly. It’s an entry-level headset for gamers that are in the arena to compete it likes, such as HyperX and Turtle Beach.

It’s an infant sibling adaptation of the superior Astro A50, donning huge, square-shaped ear cups and a bendable mic that you can flip up to quiet. 

The A10 comes in blue, green, and red varieties, and these forms turn out great at any stage. The headset’s 6.5-foot link has a helpful inline volume slider and is completely detachable, making it ideal for movement.

Astro A10 is comfortable to use, but at the same time, it is a little tiring as well. Unlike, the rival of A10 HyperX, A10 does not have big enough cups to cover the ears easily. It has small cups, and it is also cozy. 

This coziness didn’t discourage me from utilizing the A10 for quite a long time at a time, but your ears may require a couple of moments to decompress after long meetings. 

Not at all like the HyperX Cloud Stinger and Logitech G231 Prodigy, have the A10’s ear cups turned 90 degrees to adjust to your arch naturally. You can change the A10’s ear cups around two crawls up or down for a superior fit, however even after adjusting, the headset nearly felt excessively cozy for me. 


  • Excellent sound quality and durability
  • With good bass strength
  • Offers best comfort level
  • Most stylish than any other headset


  • No accessories 
  • You might feel uncomfortable after long term use.
  • No simulated surround sound

Why Choose HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset?

The HyperX Cloud Stinger could be a perfect choice for those who are looking for:

  • Headsets having lightweight
  • Superior sound quality
  • Easily adjustable accordingly
  • Use for an extended period.
  • Clear sound is even a louder environment.

HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

Astro a10 vs Hyperx Cloud Stinger

In the comparison of Astro a10 vs HyperX Cloud Stinger, let’s discuss the HyperX product in detail.


HyperX Cloud Stinger is ideal for gamers looking for a mean, first-rate headset. It is a full black and plain headset for pro gaming. 

At an essential 275 grams, it went straightforward on your neck, and its ear cups rotate in a 90-degree plot for a flexible fit. 

The mic and the headset cable are permanently connected to the left ear. An excellent quality four feet long headset cable is compatible with all sorts of gaming PCs and mobile phones as well. 

What more is it’s 50mm directional-drivers pipe magnificent sound that strikes clearly into the ear for a pinpoint sound precision. 

Under the right ear cup, you will come to see a slider by which can control the volume according to need. Along with this, an auto-mute button is also present on pressing which you can mute your microphone instantly.

Cloud Stinger’s ear cups are created utilizing mark HyperX versatile cushioning for excellent comfort during significant distance race gaming gatherings — regardless, when worn over glasses! 

HyperX’s signature memory-padding gives the most extreme solace during broadened use. It has an adjustable steel slider for a robust and durable feel. Volume control on the headset ear cup can be used to adjust volume easily. 

Above all, it offers the spin-to-mute noise cancellation featured mouthpiece to make you realize your mute mode— enjoy the best audio quality of your favorite games with Hyper X- Your next lead!


  • Sleek, stylish, and cozy
  • Great sound experience
  • Good microphone
  • Adjustable microphone 


  • Could result in an increase in temperature due to excessive use.
  • No extra features 
  • You can’t detach the microphone or cable.
  • When you use a Y- Adapter extension, the headphone becomes short.

Difference Between the Astro A10 and HyperX Cloud Stinger

The below-mentioned table shows a short and side by side difference of both of the headsets; Have a quick look at this table and then move on next to read the buyer guide.

SpecificationsAstro A10HyperX Cloud Stinger
Dimensions7.99 x 3.25 x 7.75 inches9.5 x 10.75 x 3 inches
Voltage37 ohms60 Volts
Weight12.3 ounces9.7 ounces
Sound pressure level 117.5 dB102 3 dB
MIC mute set upFlip to mute microphoneSwivel to mute the microphone
WarrantyOne yearSix months
Compatibility Xbox One, PC, PS4, Mobiles, PC and MacPC, Nintendo, PS4, Mac, Mobiles, Laptops. Xbox


Similarities Between Astro A10 Gaming Headset and HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

The following are some similarities between the competing brands. Please don’t get confused after reading the similarities provided by both of them. These are just to let you know that in which areas both of the brands hold a firm grip.

  • Both of the headsets are the most demanded brands all over the world.
  • Both of them come in an affordable price range.
  • Both have several connectivity options with different gadgets.
  • Both headsets are robustly and uniquely constructed.
  • Both ensure the best sound quality for their users.
  • Both provide the best possible comfort to their users, depending upon their way of use.
  • Both headsets offer a decent guarantee which can be claimed in case of any internal issue.
  • Both are adjustable, and the user can adjust them accordingly as their comfortable way of wearing.
  • Both provide unmatchable design compared to other brands in the world.

Astro A10 vs HyperX Cloud Stinger Complete Buyer Guide:

Before deciding on choosing a headset between these two competing brands, read this buying guide carefully as it contains all the essential features which you should keep in mind before choosing a gaming headset which can give you the best gaming experience overall.

Whenever we need to buy a gaming headset, the prime factors we should go for are comfort, sound quality, and sleek design, and yes, weightiness.

Now, users come with different priorities. Some may be happy to enjoy a better sound quality and compromise on the design, while others may compromise the sound quality to have a better design. 

Well, here we bring you this buying guide so that you have a clear mind for choosing a perfect headset for you with better knowledge. Also, after this, you will have a good gaming experience!

  • Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, this is the main feature you have to notice when getting one for you. Keep in mind that your headset is having a built-in microphone and can cancel outside sounds, i.e., noise-cancellation. It will improve your listening quality with improved clarity.

  • Comfort

Looking for a comfortable headset should be top of all. As buy getting a relaxed and easy-going headset, you will be able to enjoy your game fully without any irritation or distraction. So make sure that the headset which you are choosing is having great ear cups and a long connecting wire.

Also, a built-in mic with instant mute capability is the main thing to get in a comfortable using gaming headset.

  • Spare Parts

When getting a headset, no matter how much of good quality it is, it is quite evident that it can also be prone to breakage. So we would recommend looking for that model of which you can quickly get spare parts in case of any damage. By this, you will be able to mend your worn-out headset instead of buying a new one.

So for keeping your money safe and make use of the older headphones once again look for the model of which spare parts are readily available.

  • Microphone

We would recommend you to go for a built-in microphone headset for pro gaming. This can be economical for you and also may be much accurate than that of a separate one. But if you don’t want to do so, you can again go for an individual good quality microphone along with a headphone for gaming.

Astro A10 vs HyperX Cloud Stinger: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Which headset is better? Astro A10 or HyperX Cloud Stinger.

Ans: Both headsets have their pros and cons. It depends upon the requirements of the user which headset will suit better for him. Read the side by side comparison of both of the headsets to get a perfect answer to this question. 

Q2: Which headset is most attractive?

Ans: When coming to the designing point of view, both the Astro a10 and the HyperX Cloud Stinger offer a luxury and premium design to their users. Hence, no matter which one you buy, you’ll feel luxurious in both of them.

Q3: Why do games use headsets?

Ans: Being a dedicated and a pro gamer, a direct projected sound into the ear is necessary while playing a pro-level game. So, many gamers go for headsets rather than speakers as speakers disperse the sound and may not be that much accurate as headsets.

Q4: Why is my a10 headset not working?

Ans: Make sure your microphone is down and not up and muted. When the microphone is in the up position, it is muted. Unplug the headset from your Xbox One or PS4 controller and plug it directly into a smartphone.


Bringing our comparison article about Astro a10 and Hyperx Cloud Stinger to an end, we would like to tell you about our personal opinion in a few words.

So, we found both Gaming Headsets pretty impressive in all aspects; each one is having unique qualities and marking its spot in a separate way. But still, both of them are also lagging in some points. So you have to stay sharp and well aware of every fact that we have mentioned above.

In short, if you are short on budget, you should buy the Astro A10 for sure as they come with adjustable mic and cups. 

Sound is better in Astro A10. Style and looks are better in the HyperX so, it all comes down to personal preferences. You can buy the one you want as there is no considerable difference in specs.

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