Epson V600 vs V550 Comparison Reivew

Epson V600 vs V550 Comparison Reivew

Epson v600 vs v550-Document Scanners For Official Use: Which One is Suitable?

While looking for a suitable scanner to complete our official works, it is obvious to come across dozens of brands. But which one is right and recommended for you to choose from? However, in this Epson v600 vs v550 review the answer to this is quite simple, but it demands a little bit of research on the different models of scanners.

Down here, we have mentioned two of the most unique and budgeted scanners and have tried to highlight every single aspect to make your quest for the perfect document scanner easier. So, keep your eyes on the below-mentioned points about Epson v600 vs v550.

By the end of this article, you will have enough information to make an informed decision. 

Epson v600 vs v550 

While both document scanners have their pros and cons, it is crucial to look at each of them as a whole before pinning them against each other. For this article, we will be reviewing every single aspect of both scanners.

We will try to inform you about every single feature in detail about both of them so that you can make a smart decision before getting any of the scanner Epson v600 vs v550.  

Epson V600 vs V550

Why choose the Epson Perfection V600  Document Scanner?

Choose the Epson Perfection V600  document scanner if:

  • You are on a low budget.
  • You want a USB connectable scanner.
  • You want a scanner with great printing software.
  • You are looking for a scanner with 4 kg weight.
  • You want a smooth scanner with an LED scanner lamp type.
  • One year warranty is enough for your scanner.
  1. Epson Perfection V600 Document Scanner

First, we will be reviewing the Epson v600.


The Epson v600 is a perfect scanner with a flat black body and silver Keyline around its lid. This tall and deep scanner is mainly aimed at photo enthusiasts. Most amazingly is contains photo restoration software, which makes it more than enough in just $200.

Despite being a tall and deep scanner, it contains a back led light for transparency scanner. It remains open at 45 and 90-degree angles, all thanks to its correctly adjusted springs.  Along with this, hinges are also present through which you can scan bounded documents.


At the front of your scanner, four auto adjustment buttons are placed, which are set as follows; copy, scan to email, scan to PDF, or you can program them for other programs as well. Now coming towards the back, you notice a USB connection point coupled with the scanner’s external power socket.

You can place two reversible templates on the flatbed. These templates are provided along with the scanner already.  These templates enable negatives and slides in their best position to be scanned easily with great perfection. 

Most impressive of all, this scanner is bundled with great software like a full version of Adobe Photoshop and Epson scan utility. This works in four different and unusual modes and has additional levels of control as well.


This fully auto document scanner comes with two adjustable modes, i.e., office mode or home mode. You will get across some additional settings to work with in-office mode, while some may lack in-home mode. And along with these basic modes, here comes the professional mode that will allow you to work with all of the available settings.

It has excellent OCR and ICE that will automatically remove the dust particles from the document being scanned on the flat scanner.

Now, coming towards its white LED light source is a treat in such a moderate price range. Usually, this type of light source is only available in the expensive scanners, but this time, this scanner beats that one in this feature. 

The benefit of the LED light source instead of cathode rod light is when it shows results; the LED-equipped scanners are much faster than those of cold cathode rod ones.

The great Abby software makes the scanning much more efficient, i.e., an A4 page along with OCR in only 13 seconds. This is faster enough.

The scanned colors are pleasing to the sight and are on point. Target gratings are A1, and the blacks and whites are also perfectly fine. 

Overall this scanner is very cheap and will not even put a dent in your pocket. And for this price point, it is an excellent scanner with great features.


  • Digital ICE dust removal 
  • OCR results are wonderful 
  • It has a good range of transparency holders.


  • Substantial footprints
  • External power supply 
  • Can be a bit noisy

Epson V600 vs V550

Why Choose Epson Perfection V550 Document Scanner?

The Epson Perfection V550 document scanner is perfect for you if:

  • You are on a tight budget.
  • You want to buy a scanner from a reliable manufacturer so you know It will last long.
  • You want a scanner with great software.
  • You want a scanner with good dust removal ability.
  • You want a scanner for professional usage.
  • You want a reliable scanner that will work with ease.
  • You need a scanner with batch scanning ability.
  1. Epson Perfection V550 Document Scanner 

Now, we will be reviewing the Epson v550.


The Epson Perfection V550 document scanner is an excellent and budgeted flatbed scanner. It can be used for domestic as well as professional usage. You can use it for scanning A4 papers and as well as films of 35 to 120mm.

With its incredible scanning resolution of about 6400dpi, it promises to detect all of the infrared dust particles and swipe them to produce accurate and excellent quality scans. You will get all of this packed in a scanner worth $189 only.

The slide holder and the film are more comfortable to use because of their economical design. And to load the slides, you have to place them inside the frame on the scanner glass. For the facilitation of the film frames’ alignment, tabs are available on the main scanner bed’s sides.

Image Quality

The ICE technology of this scanner helps to remove the dust particles on the document before scanning it. This technology ensures to provide an excellent quality image overall by color restoration and film grain equalization.

CD should install the software before you connect your scanner. The software bundle includes Epson Scan with Epson photo fix technology. ABBYY Fine Reader OR and fine scan can be perfect for professional usage. Also, in the professional mode, you have to adjust the resolution of the image.

Not only this, but this scanner is also compatible with Hamrick’s Vuescan. You have to choose between the color or black and white types of scans. Also, due to a diffused light source, the amount of blemishes and scratches is significantly reduced.

Getting perfectly fine and dedicated to reduced blemishes can be a treat for one’s sight. This is only made possible with this great scanner’s features, which you can only get for $189.

All in all, considering that the Epson Perfection V550 document scanner is a treat for every buyer, plus, we can say that it is very cheap and worth the money. 

Epson V600 vs V550


  • Very affordable
  • High-resolution scans
  • Effectively removes dust particles
  • Its software supports multiple file formats


  • Slow capturing
  • Its auto exposure may not be sufficient for all negative types.


Differences between the Epson Perfection V600  document scanner and Epson Perfection V550 document scanner.

The following differences between the Epson Perfection V600  document scanner and Epson Perfection V550 document scanner:

SpecificationsEpson Perfection V600  document scannerEpson Perfection V550 document scanner
Digital ICE featureWorks on films, negatives, and photosOnly on negatives
Scanner resolution6400 by 9600 dpi6400 by 9600 dpi
Printing software resolution6400dpi2800dpi
Scanner lamp typeLEDReady scan LED
WarrantyOne year warrantyOne year warranty
Power consumption16.5 W16.5 w

Similarities between the Epson Perfection V600  document scanner and Epson Perfection V550 document scanner.

The following are the similarities between the Epson Perfection V600  document scanner and the Epson Perfection V550 document scanner.

  • Both scanners are perfect for professional and domestic usage.
  • Both tablets have great LED light technology for fast scanning.
  • Both of them come in a median price range, which is perfect for the features.
  • Both scanners contain great dust removal technology.
  • Both of them promise to provide excellent quality, vibrant image results.
  • Both of the scanners are compatible with Mac and windows as well.
  • Both of them have a great and satisfying warranty.
  • Both scanners have a slippery smooth surface.
  • Both scanners are slim and compact.
  • Both scanners are budgeted products with beautiful qualities. 

Epson V600 vs V550

Epson v600 vs v550: A Buying Guide

Here we will tell you about some essential features you have to keep in mind while buying a scanner for your official, domestic or professional usage.

  • Speed of the scanner

The most important thing you have to keep in mind is the speed at which a scanner is scanning the number of pages per minute. The more the number of pages, the more accurate the scanner is. Keep in mind that the precise scanner must be scanning 60 pages per minute. 

  • Maximum paper size

Another essential factor that one should notice in a scanner is its paper size that it will be scanning. It must be able to scan the usual and standard paper size, at least. Only buy a scanner if it has this feature.

  • Price of the scanner

The price of an object is an integral part of being noticed while getting one. Because it depends on your budget, which one is suitable for you, keep in mind that you have to choose that scanner, which has all of the specifications and still relies on a moderated price range. This can be beneficial for those who are using it for domestic usage only.

  • Resolution of the scanner

Flatbed scanners will always provide you with a high-quality image, but still, it is recommended to get that scanner, which comes with an excellent quality resolution with reduced blemishes.

Epson v600 vs v550: Frequently Asked Questions 

Q-What is the use of scanning documents?

Scanning official documents can be a perfect choice for you if you are an official worker. If you want to review your hard copy documents in a more accessible and efficient way, then scanning your records may be the reliable and most accurate way.

Along with this, if you want to share your documents with other people, you can do so by scanning and sharing them in a soft copy.

Q-How long does it take to scan a document?

The time in which a document gets scanned is totally dependent on the type of scanner you are choosing for your work. The most accurate and well-featured the scanner is, the faster it will scan your documents in significant proportions.

If you choose a great scanner, it will take only 2 to 3 seconds to scan a page of documents.

Q-What are the four types of scanners?

Following are the four main types of scanners that you can get for yourselves:

  • Flatbed scanners
  • Handheld scanners
  • Drum scanners
  • Sheet-fed scanner

Among all of these four types, the flatbed scanners are most commonly used for official and professional work.

Epson v600 vs v550: Verdict

So coming towards the conclusion, which scanner is the better one to go for?  As we have written a whole article based on Epson v600 vs v550. So now it’s time to give you our personal opinion.

However, we are still unable to choose one among them. You must be thinking about what the reason behind this is. So, let us clear our self. Since both scanners have their pros and cons, each of them still marks their spot in some regards for sure.

Both of them come with great features and excellent scanning results. Still, if you are concerned with the scanners’ prices, you may go for the Epson Perfection V550 document scanner as it comes at a lower and more budgeted price, i.e., $189, which is almost negligible for such great features. 

But it will only work with negatives. If you want a scanner that works with films and photos, choose the Epson Perfection V600  document scanner.

Pick Epson Perfection V600  document scanner for additional features and Epson Perfection V550 document scanner for the budget. 

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