Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S Review

Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S Review

Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S: The Prevailing Gaming Headset from Kingston

In this Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S review you’ll learn that gaming headsets have evolved to become an essential peripheral accessory; it can be used for several purposes and have a very cool aesthetic. A good-quality headset is guaranteed to enhance your gaming experience, but when it comes to buying one, you may feel at sixes and sevens. 

Many phenomenal brands that master in auxiliary gaming devices and accessories have been in the market for quite some time. Kingston is a brand that took a quantum leap in this community by introducing Hyperx Gaming.

The debate of the best cloud gaming headset has compressed to one review; Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S. We have mull things over to find you the top-tier option between the two. Both the Hyperx Cloud 2 and Alpha S are products from Kingston, a name trusted and preferred by many gamers. 

This extensive guide will help you select the superior one from Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S.

Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S: A Comprehensive Guide

Before skipping straight to the prizewinner of Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S, let us go through the distinct qualities of each cloud gaming headset one at a time. 

Kingston Hyperx Cloud 2 Headset


Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S


The Hyperx Cloud gaming headsets are very well-known in the gaming world; these are premium headsets with enhanced material quality and amazing features. 

In particular, the cloud series is popular because of its accessibility. Kingston has become a leading brand in peripherals just because of its user-friendly approach and multiple-use products. They have given an entirely new dimension to headsets, and each product is better than the last one.

Hyperx Cloud 2 came into the market setting new boundaries for gaming headsets. It proved that headsets were not just for gaming and that they could have a new identity apart from flashy exteriors. This headset transforms easily into an over-year headphone by removing the microphone.


The Kingston Hyper x Cloud 2 has a 7.1 surround sound, which seamlessly converts the game-centric audio focus to a stereo music sound. It is wired and also offers multiple-connectivity with a range of devices.

It can connect to PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and mobile phones through a 3.5mm jack and a USB port. 

This headset comes packaged in two parts; the device itself and the USB cable to a 3.5mm connector jack. Both cables are compatible with most devices. Talking about the overall look and feel, the Cloud 2 is sleek and has a minimalist aesthetic. It is well-built and available in a wide array of colors.

A good-quality detachable boom microphone and cable are present on the left side of the headset. If you ever take out the microphone, a rubber insert is present to block the opening. 

The main headband and earpads are made up of leather and memory foam. The material is not too heavy and does not exert access pressure on the neck. The band is resizable and supported with metal joints that don’t bend.


For someone who is not a fan of leather earpads, a second pair of velour pads are included in the set. Velour does not retain heat and is more breathable for long gaming sessions. 

Few switches are present on the cord itself and include a clip, volume rocker slider, microphone-mute switch, and a designated button that activates the stereo sound. 

The accessories come in a well-made nylon case that can be used to carry the headset while traveling. It has a velcro strap to keep things in place and a separate place to hold the cords, mic, and earpads. 

Hyperx Cloud 2 features a DAC sound converter, which helps process any type of audio. This digital to analog sound conversion makes it effortless to jump between gaming and stereo sound. It makes the device more versatile and flexible to use. 

The overall design of the headset is not bulky and excellent for on-the-go use. The unique 7.1 virtual surround sound mixes channels to produce a fuller sound. It increases the dynamic range of the sound field and leaves subtle fades. 

In general, the sound quality is terrific and very loud. It emphasizes minor details in-game audio to provide a 3D effect. The Hyperx Cloud 2 can also produce stereo sound with high bass alongside no cracking. 

In conclusion, Cloud 2 is a sturdy, customizable, and dope-sounding headset with a case and multiple accessories. It is a great option for anyone at this price point.


  • Minimalistic design.
  • Added accessories.
  • Removable microphone.
  • Durable built-quality.
  • Excellent connectivity.
  • Comes with a case.
  • Amazing sound.


  • Surround sound is ineffective.
  • Wired.

Why Pick the Hyperx Cloud 2?

You should pick the Hyperx Cloud 2 if:

  • You want something weird.
  • You require amazing sound quality.
  • You enjoy listening to music on the go.
  • You are comfortable with leather earpads.
  • You want multiple-device connectivity.
  • You like to travel with your headset.

Kingston Hyperx Cloud Alpha S Headset



Hyperx Cloud Gaming Headsets are built with an average-user and a pro-gamer in mind. It is mind-blowing how Kingston’s auxiliary products can cater to a mass majority without being mediocre. The addition of minor details and quality sound is just what makes them subpar and suitable for all needs.

Cloud Alpha is known to be the ultimate gaming headset of all time. No other competitor was able to match the exceptional quality and price point of this particular headset. 

There were only a few shortcomings of Cloud Alpha, but the Cloud Alpha S is a successor that fulfills every limitation of the previous model. It had premium features, and the company did not fiddle around. 

Starting from the exterior design, it is similar to the Alpha S. It is accented with a metal headband and plastic earpieces. The earpads are made of a soft leather foam, which is kind of a drawback, as velour is better to hold glasses. 

The materials used to make the exterior are stout and have a nice weight to it. It is balanced and does not feel heavy on the neck. An extra pair of earpads are added that provide a more comfortable fit and heat resistance.


Hyperx Could 2 vs Alpha S both come with a year of under manufacturer warranty. 

Although the Cloud Alpha S is a PC gaming headset, it includes a 3.5mm jack and a USB cable that can be used to connect to different consoles. Buttons are present on the headset, to turn on the 7.1 virtual surround sound and to mute the microphone.

Vents are present at the bottom of the headset to provide a no-crack bass and stereo sound. A detachable microphone is attached to the left side, which is easy to position and use. The audio quality is improved drastically in this follow-up. It delivers clear and sharp audio.


The Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S are easy to control and doesn’t require a lot of setups. The plug and play mechanism is efficient and quick. The controls are attached to the cord with light-up buttons.

Alpha S does not play games when it comes to experience, it is solid, and each sound is magnified. The headset can easily be worn during long hours of gaming. The stereo and surround sound is astounding. Hyperx Cloud Alpha x surpasses all headsets in terms of audio alone.

The frequency response on this headset is terrific while gaming and listening to music. The bass and surround sound gives it nice isolation, and changing or adjusting audios through the controlling vent is really nice.

There is no better feeling and performing gaming headset for beginners. The Alpha S provides the superb audio output and more features with usability. We were expecting to see a wireless version in this model, but the connectivity is great nonetheless.

All in all, the added bells and whistles in the Hypperx Cloud Alpha S are definitely worth the higher price point. 


  • Remarkable sound.
  • Streamlined design.
  • Offers connectivity on a lot of platforms.
  • Sturdy built.
  • Vents help control bass easily.
  • Improved audio quality.



  • High price.
  • Wired.
  • No case.
  • Less accurate connectivity on consoles.

Why Pick the Hyperx Cloud Alpha S?

You should pick the Hyperx Cloud Alpha S if:

  • You want a wired headset.
  • You are fine with the price point.
  • You don’t want noise isolation.
  • You require multiple-device connectivity.

Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S: The Distinction

The following are some differences between the Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S.

HyperxCloud 2Alpha S
Noise ReductionIt has passive noise reduction.It does not have noise reduction.
Weight0.77 lbs0.70 lbs
Detachable CableNo.Yes.
Microphone QualityExcellent.Good.
Impedance60 Ohms65 Ohms
Price PointFairly priced.A higher price point.

Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S: The Likeness

The following are a few similarities between the Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S.

  • Both have stereo speakers.
  • Both have leather earpads.
  • Both have a similar sound frequency.
  • Both come with varying connectivity options.
  • Both contain a mute function.

Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S: Our Opinion

It is evident from the individual evaluation that the Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S offer outstanding specs all across the board. But considering each particular detail, our crowned winner is the Hyperx Cloud 2.

The reason we choose Cloud 2 is because of its unmatched price point. There aren’t many companies that offer a lot of variety and excellence at such a low cost. Everything about Cloud 2 is superior to its competitors, be it stereo or surround sound quality, connectivity, comfort, or the added accessories. 

The amalgamation of unique technology with no software used makes a pre-eminent headset. The Cloud Alpha S is a great option but falls short when compared to the Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha X.

We can assure you that this was a very close call, considering the similar specs and amazing quality both of these headsets offer. But for now, the Hyperx Cloud 2 is our top pick of the two.

Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S: Things You Must Know About Gaming Headsets

Before choosing your favorite from the Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S, here are some things that you should look for while buying a gaming headset. 


  • Comfort:

Comfort is extremely important considering that some gaming sessions run longer than expected. The best way to achieve maximum comfort is to look for velour or leather earpads. The Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S both have leather earpads that ensure maximum comfort.

Another method to ensure a comfortable fit is to go for adjustable and padded headbands. These types of headbands do not exert pressure on the neck and are extremely lightweight.


  • Customization:

Customized accessories are a way of self-expression. Both the Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S come with a simple design, which might not be for someone who prefers LED lights and funky colors. Cloud 2 offers a range of colors that you can choose from, but the only customization available is in terms of the comfort of earpads. 


  • Connectivity:

It is essential for gaming headsets to have multiple device connectivity. Gamers who enjoy playing on different platforms such as PlayStation and Xbox require this feature. The Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S comes with a USB port cable and a 3.5mm jack, which is enough to connect it to different devices.


  • Warranty:

A manufacturer warranty is a great way to ensure a reliable purchase. It guarantees that any defect or inadequacy in your headset will be taken care of. If you consider buying either of the mention headsets, rest assured because they come with a long warranty.


Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S: FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions related to the Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S.


  • Should I buy the Cloud Alpha or the Alpha S?

Between the two we would definitely recommend going for the successor that is the Cloud Alpha S. It has solid additions making it better than the Alpha.


  • What is the purpose of the Cloud 2 soundcard?

The soundcard makes it compatible with most 3.5mm stereo headsets.


  • What gaming headset do pro-gamers use?

Both the Hyperx Cloud 2 vs Alpha S are headsets that are loved by pro-gamers.

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