MobiScribe Review: Drawing Tablet Analysis

MobiScribe Review: Drawing Tablet Analysis

MobiScribe Tablet Review – A Great First Effort?

Within this MobiScribe review, we’ll see with the progression of time, many note-taking color screen options have been available within the market place like iPads and Chrome book computers, which raises the question that why would anyone desire to buy a tablet-like MobiScribe? 

Well, questions like this are answered in this review. Let’s dig deep into the aspects which make MobiScribe a reliable device.

MobiScribe Tablet Review

In this MobiScribe review, we will be covering the different features of the MobiScribe Tablet in detail.

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The MobiScribe tablet processes on an Android 4.4 version; the tablet provides an e-ink display, reasonably bright and sharp, with swift touch sensitivity. A finger-like stylus is given with the tablet enabling a user to write within the built-in note-taking app.


The processor installed in this notepad is a Free scale MX6 Processor which runs on 1GHz, a RAM of 1GB is available with a storage of 8GB, out of which only 2GBs of storage is open to a user. However, you can expand the storage capacity with the help of a 32GB micro-SD card expansion slot.


The MobiScribe Tablet is approximately 7 inches tall, 6 inches wide, and has a thickness of less than half an inch. It weighs about 8 ounces with or without the company oriented case. 


One of the most significant features of the MobiScribe is its 3.7V 1500mAH Li-polymer battery that ensures your usage of four hours with the consumption of only 30 percent of the battery life. 

MobiScribe Review: High Quality Screen

The apical 265 DPI screen of the tablet has a warm and glowing feature in the settings menu, allowing a user to adjust and change their books’ fonts according to their reliability, thus making it easier to read the text without any disruptions. 

Talking about the buttons, there are two main buttons situated at the top edge; one turns the backlight on or off. The other is used to switch the screen to on or off. A micro-USB charging port with a card reader slot is present at the bottom edges. 


The tablet’s operating system is currently Android Kitkat, which, according to the company, will be upgraded soon. However, the device lacks an already installed app store, making it difficult for the users to download their desired apps.  

The tablet’s menu system consists of many features like the ebook reader, the note app, and the calendar that comes in handy during daily tasks. Things like notes can be saved to the internal storage, but you have to download third-party apps like Gmail and dropbox for cloud storage.

The MobiScribe Tablet supports various formats, primarily PDF, Mobi, Epub, AZW, TXT, FB2, and PRC. Nonetheless, the PDF format causes problems when you are trying to edit or view big files of 50 pages or more.

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MobiScribe Review: How to set it up?

In the beginning, you have to install all of your desired android apps as you won’t have the facility of a Play store; therefore, you have to search the internet for the apk files to load them onto the device. 


Furthermore, you have to get used to the various writing styles of Mobiscribe Tablet like that of the pencil, pen, and brush, which are of varying line widths. The stylus’s high sensitivity aspect makes it possible to draw heavier or lighter shaded lines similar to the ones drawn on a piece of paper.


The eraser mode of the device is activated as we keep the stylus back at its original place. This would help you in correcting the misspelled words or statements. There are infinite numbers of sheets available within a particular note, which grants a user to write their thoughts without worry.

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MobiScribe Review: Templates

You have to get the hang of various templates available in the note-taking app. The templates can be easily switched from one to another without any difficulty. People usually prefer the lined template over the blank one as it helps maintain the uniformity of the text.  


The Mobiscribe tablet is entirely dependent on the tags assigned to the notebook as the notes saved in the device are in the form of images; therefore, it is difficult to search the particular file you are looking for.


To solve this problem, you have to download an android 4.4 supporting version of Evernote. All of your relevant data would be loaded onto this account, and its OCR designed for handwriting makes the process of searching relatively easy and smooth.   


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MobiScribe Review: Notes App

This Mobiscribe review will focus on the built-in notes app, which is renowned for its customer facilitation, responsiveness, and smoothness. Present on the main screen are two rows; one is available for the Notes whereas the other is given for Books. 


There is a Create Note button present alongside your previously written notes. An individual can use the create note button to open a new note page; on the contrary, the ‘All Notes’ link comes in handy when you want to see your previous works.


The operating system helps in listing all of your notes in a generic icon or a thumbnail. On the other hand, the toolbar provides several features like Title, Menu, Rename, Copy, Save, File Conversion, Backup, Restore, New page, Delete page, and many more. 


The background button enables you to change the background of your screen from the previously installed 11 backgrounds. The tablet also comes with the option of customized background through which a user can design a background of their choice.


You can use the toolbar to change the input size of the stylus while writing, assisted with basic writing tools, and constant width.

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MobiScribe Review: Accessories

The stylus is relatively light and flimsy with an admirable writing capability. The hexagonal-shaped stylus consists of two ends; one possesses a fine tip with the other having a top button. The box contains three extra writing tips and a tool that replaces them.


The branded case attaches to the tablet via small rectangular sticky adhesives. The protective plastic is removed, and the tablet is present onto the case with a slight force. 


The case is made from rugged fabric and has a slightly rough hand texture to it. There is an extra section on the right side of the tablet placement area and an elastic loop where the stylus is usually attached. There are two different tabs of magnets on the top edges which close the case.  


MobiScribe Review: Budget

Suppose you are looking for a device that remains charged for an entire week and provides an already installed handwriting stylus with various fonts and features. In that case, you should go for this cost effective MobiScribe tablet.


  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Anti-glare Screen
  • Various documentation templates
  • Multi-functional stylus
  • Branded cover
  • Warm and Cool settings



  • Less internal storage
  • Problematic PDF format
  • Outdated Android Version


Why Should You Pick the MobiScribe Tablet?


In this MobiScribe review, there are many features which might attract you towards this product, some of which are as follows:

  • If you require a writing tool installed with the tablet, you should prefer this MobiScribe tablet as it comes with a stylus that can write in many fonts and sizes.
  • The tablet’s anti-glare screen makes it reading friendly, as you can read from any angle without any adjustments.
  • The longevity of the battery is another aspect which makes it ideal for readers and writers.
  • The extra tips along with the tweezers abolish your worries regarding broken or used tips.

MobiScribe Review: Verdict

All in all, this version of MobiScribe tablets seems like an exciting choice, especially for those who want good readability with the incorporation of writing features. As shown in this Mobiscribe tablet review, this device has many potentials and offers a massive array of options for the reading and writing sectors. 


What should we look for in a tablet?

With the inclusion of many brands and electronic devices into the market place, it gets difficult for an individual to select a tablet with respect to their needs and desires. Today, tablets are considered much smarter and quicker when compared to other computers.


Below given are some of the key factors that you should always look for before making a purchase.

Screen Size

A tablet in which a 7 inches screen is installed is usually recommended to those people who prefer web browsing, social networking with ebook reading. However, individuals who want a large display should go for tablets having a screen size ranging from 9 inches to 11 inches.


Most of the larger-sized tablets are more potent as they have abundant storage for multitasking, primarily for photos, videos, and editing. Still, it is the heavier weight of the device that most people dislike.


Screen Quality

It is the pixelation of the screen that differs a good tablet from the best one. Most of the tablets provide good reading experiences; however, tablets containing 300 pixels per inch of the screen give the best reading experience.


Screen Light

It would be best if you always looked for screen lights within an e-reading tablet. It plays a pivotal role in enhancing the reading experience, especially at night, without the assistance of any foreign light source. 


This feature of screen light is automatically adjusted, unlike some previous e-readers where it was manually set up; thus, the numbers of circumstances you can read without any significant distraction are now increased.


Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of a tablet matters a lot. On the one hand, you should always look for tablets, which provide a comfortable amount of internal storage and, on the other hand, consists of an external storage option in the form of a micro- SD card.

Battery Life

The battery life of an e-reader tablet is measured in terms of weeks. There is no fast charging in these tablets; therefore, they can take quite a bit of time to get fully charged. Vast amounts of battery life can be saved if you turn off the wifi or the 3G when it is not being utilized. 

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MobiScribe Review: Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How can we get the backup ‘Save file’ option of Dropbox and Email working in the Note app?

To get this feature of Dropbox and Email backup, you have to install the apk files of the Dropbox and the email first.


  1. How to transfer notes to a computer?

One of the ways is to store the note format. The advantage is that the users can easily back up their note files to the computers with the freedom to transfer it back to the MobiScribe tablet without removing the regular reading and writing options.


  1. Are there any speakers within the device?

The MobiScribe tablet is an e-reader that doesn’t require a speaker or a headphone jack.


  1. Can we connect Mobiscribe via Bluetooth?

The MobiScribe tablet comes without any Bluetooth connectivity.


  1. Is this device durable for daily usage?

The MobiScribe tablet is a reliable device, the strength of which increases when you use it with its case.


  1. Can we highlight words or sentences while taking notes on a PDF file?

Yes, you can write and underline notes in a PDF format.


MobiScribe Review:


  1. Does this tablet support Internet Browsing?

Yes, the Mobiscribe tablet is provided with a browser, which is not as quick as the computers but mostly depends upon the magnitude and nature of your browsing. 


  1. Can we upload files in PDF, word document, or PowerPoint?

The MobiScribe operating system only supports PDF and PNG file formatting. We would suggest converting your word documents and PowerPoint files to PDF files before transferring them to the tablet. 


  1. Can we use layers in this Mobiscribe tablet?

The MobiScribe tablet is still undergoing improvement and for now, it doesn’t support the use of layers however, it has a lasso feature that places your writings and drawings on each other. 


  1. Where will I place my stylus when it is not being used?

For this purpose, there is a loop in the cover that comes along with the tablet where you can fit your stylus. 

MobiScribe Review: Where To Buy? 

For many years we’ve been waiting for this type of service and Amazon has provided and designed an excellent service. It’s easy, fast, and convenient. Amazon is Highly recommended.


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