Vankyo V630 Review: The Perfect LED Projector?

Vankyo V630 Review: The Perfect LED Projector?

Vankyo V630 Review: The Perfect LED Projector?

Who doesn’t prefer a large-screen viewing experience? The question is, are budget projectors like the Vankyo V630 good enough for the kind of viewing experience you are looking for? Well, that’s for the Vankyo V630 review to answer. Let’s see if you can have quality home entertainment on a budget! 

Vankyo V630 Review

We will be reviewing in detail the different features and the reviewable aspects of the Vankyo V630. 


The Vankyo V630 is a budget projector with a good-quality user experience. It has a variety of features that make it a bang for your buck.


This LED projector has a 1080p Full HD display, which is more or less similar to most of the displays that TVs and other screens in our homes make use of. While the display is more DVD quality than HD, as the box specifications would have you believe, this projector is perfect for any home usage you may have.

The maximum size of the projection can be 300 inches across. Other than that, the projector has a 5000:1 contrast ratio for excellent detail, and also 50,000 hours of lamp life. 

The automatic keystone feature can correct distortion on the display of up to 45 degrees, which means that you can have a correct, upright image even when the projector is laid at an angle to the screen.

To prevent heating up fast, the projector has a cooling system that disperses the heat, preventing it from accumulating on one spot. This also makes the projector quick and efficient and prevents it from wearing down over a short period.

Other than that there is also a noise reduction system that prevents any fan noise from disrupting the audio. The noise from the system is cut down by 80%. You will also find a dust filter on the side of the projector that catches dust from the air and prevents it from reaching the inner mechanism of the projector.

Keep in mind that you must clean the dust filter from time to time or its purpose will be defeated.

The Vankyo V630 comes with a 3-month free return and a 3-year free repair warranty by the manufacturer so you can use the projector with ease. 

Vankyo V630 Review: How to set it up?

Setting up the Vankyo V630 is half the experience. Many factors affect the picture quality you get, these include the texture of the surface you want to project on, the finish of that surface, the darkness in the room, and even the distance between the projector and the screen. 

A matte white or black wall with no texture should be able to display the projection perfectly. Other than that, you can optimize the experience in a dark room with blackout curtains.

Blackout curtains let little to no light in from the outside which can make the display from the projector appear in high contrast and with great sharpness.

You can set up the projector by connecting it to any device, be it a laptop or a smartphone. Once connected, you can easily project the screen on a distant surface and enjoy your preferred method of entertainment.

You can control the options on the projector with the help of its remote control. These options include adjusting the volume, going through the settings, and other such options.


There is a comparison of this projector to high-end, 4k projectors but that doesn’t mean that this one does not get the job done. 

You can use it to take a class, to watch movies and TV shows, or even play video games. Although you must keep in mind that the video game experience is not exactly the best using this projector. If you are used to high-quality gaming, you should invest in a high-end projector or stick to gaming on a screen.

If you are displaying your laptop’s screen on this projector, you will notice that the corners are a little out of focus, as compared to the center of the screen. For some reason, this problem does not surface when watching movies or TV shows on this projector or even when you are using it to play games. 

Of course, the darker your room is, the clearer the image of the projector is. So for the best user experience, try using blackout curtains and projecting on a matte wall or screen.

As for the sound, we can safely say that it is loud enough. It can fill up an entire small room without even being at full volume. However, the sound quality does leave some room for improvement. 

If the sound quality matters to you, we suggest you get an external audio device such as a speaker or a soundbar. You don’t need any external audio device if you are not concerned with the quality of the sound, though. 

All in all, the Vankyo V630 performs as a good home entertainment system.

Vankyo V630 Review: Connectivity

An excellent feature of the Vankyo V630 is that it is compatible with nearly any device. With two ports that support HDMI, along with AV and VGA connectors and audio output, you can easily hook it up to any device for an excellent viewing experience. 

The Vankyo V630 also has a USB and an SD card reader so you can even attach storage media directly to it so it can read from it and display it. 

This is an excellent feature of the Vankyo V630 because you do not have to go through a world of trouble just to watch a movie with your family if it is on a device that will not connect. All in all, you can say that Vankyo V630 is a very convenient projector as well.


Vankyo V630 Review: Budget

The Vankyo V630 is a budget projector and you don’t need to dish out a lot of hard cash to get your hands on it. It will give you an excellent user experience regardless and for home-needs, this just might be the perfect projector for you.


  • Sharp, clear video quality
  • Loud sound
  • Heat dispersion system
  • Dust filter
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Very affordable


  • The display is out of focus at the edges
  • Not great for gaming
  • Not the best sound quality

Why Should You Pick the Vankyo V360?

You should consider buying the Vankyo V630 if:

  • You want a good quality, a budgeted projector that will last a long time
  • You want it for a home-viewing experience
  • You don’t care about high-quality graphics when gaming
  • You can get an external audio device for better sound quality

Vankyo V630 Review Verdict

All in all, the Vankyo V630 review shows us that it is a good quality, budget projector. It is perfect for use in the home but can also work well for small classrooms. It is completely worth the money and can take care of a variety of functions, including watching movies and shows, showing presentations, and even gaming.

Vankyo V630 Review Verdict: What Should We Look for in a Projector?

Before you decide to commit to a projector completely, here are some of the features you can seek out to make sure you make the best possible decision for yourself:

Type of Digital Projector

There are mainly four categories of projectors that we can find anywhere. These include the following:

  • Pocket Projectors – These projectors are pocket-sized projectors that project a small display on to a screen of your choice. Most pocket projectors do not have the option to zoom in on the image either.
  • Multimedia – These are the most commonly used projectors and can be used for a wide range of applications which include use in classrooms, giving presentations, to screening videos at screening events. They are lightweight and portable projectors and can usually offer excellent connectivity, with compatibility with most devices.
  • Fixed projectors – They can also be known as short-throw projectors and are used widely in classrooms for the same purposes that general multimedia projectors are used for.
  • Home theaters – Home theaters have excellent image quality with low brightness and a great ability to zoom in to the image. Because of their low brightness, you will have to sit in a very dark room for the picture quality to shine through. 

4k projector

It is not entirely impossible to view 4k resolution images on a projector, however, you must keep in mind that 4k projectors cost a great deal more money than the humble 1920×1080 projectors that we are here to review. Other than that, there are not many 4k projectors available in the market either.

Throw Ratio

Throw ratio matters the most for fixed projectors.  However, it does matter a lot even when you are trying to figure out the best placement for your projector as well. Once you have figured out the width of the surface you will use as a screen and the placement of the projector, you will have fewer options remaining for the projector you intend to buy.

Screen Size

Having a large screen is always a plus if you are getting a projector. However, if you are not sure about whether your screen is large enough or not, you will need to do some math with the throw ratio of the projector before deciding if it is the right fit for you.

Vankyo V630 Review: Brightness

Brightness can easily be considered as the single most important thing you need to look for in a good projector. The image from the projector needs to be bright enough to be seen clearly and sharply. If your projector seems to be too bright, you can always turn down the brightness but you cannot do the same with a projector that isn’t bright enough. This is where looking up trustworthy reviews and asking around and even testing out projectors is your best bet.

Always keep in mind that the biggest enemy of brightness in a projector is ambient light. Make sure you block out as much light as possible inside the room to get the best result from the projector that you possibly can. 

If the image is dull even in a pitch-black room, then you have most likely bought a dud.

Vankyo V630 Review: Resolution

It is highly recommended that you get a projector that offers at least a 1024×768 resolution or a 4:3 aspect ratio. You can also get a lower resolution at 800×600 but even the smallest bit of zooming will make pixelation very apparent. Keep in mind that a higher resolution such as that of the Vankyo V630 (1920×1080) will only benefit you.

Also, keep in mind that these resolutions work best for home use. If you are planning to take classes in an auditorium or need a better resolution for any other reason, you might need to look into an HD or 4k projector.

Keystone Correction:

Keystone correction is the ability of a projector to correct the image if the lens of the projector is at an angle. It is a very useful feature and most projectors these days do feature it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are Vankyo Projectors good?

Yes, Vanyo projectors are excellent because of their wide range of inputs, also the fact that they offer good sound quality, and also excellent picture quality that many projectors that are much more expensive display as well. Vankyo projectors offer all of this at a very inexpensive price point too.

  1. Where is Vankyo situated?

Vankyo the company is situated in Guangdong China. Yes, it is a Chinese brand but that does not raise a question at its excellent quality and durability.

  1. How to connect my Bluetooth speakers to a Vankyo projector?

If your Vankyo projector supports Bluetooth, you can easily connect your Bluetooth speakers to it for a better audio experience. However, for the record, the Vankyo V630 does not support Bluetooth. 

  1. How do I switch on my Vankyo Projector?

Assuming that you have connected the power cord at both ends, you simply have to remove the lens cover on the projector and press the power button on the projector. Then you can set up your preferred language and set all the other options to your liking on the projector.

Where To Buy?

Like most things, Amazon has been the #1 option when it comes to getting most of our purchases fast and safe. 

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